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Core Values — Perseverance

At Unlimited Potential Fitness, our core values are courage, healthy eating, active lifestyle, perseverance, and strength. Perseverance means we never give up. An obstacle race is much like life itself. In an obstacle race you will be faced with many challenges and like in life, there will be obstacles that you have to overcome. You will struggle and sometimes you will fail, but just like in life, you only lose if you give up. During the race, at some point, you will face a crisis. It might be in the first 800 meters or it might be at the rig or at the z-wall, but at some point in the race a little voice in your head will tell you to “stop”. It will say, “Why are you trying so hard? Who cares how fast you go? Why don’t you walk for a while? How about we take a break?” When things get hard, that little voice in your head will tell you to give up. You win every time that you tell that little voice “No!” You win every time you say to yourself, “I will not give up! I am going to try as hard as I can and I don’t care how tough it gets!” When things get hard, remember your training and how much you have worked for this. Remind yourself that you never give up and the race will be your victory lap.


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