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Our mission at Unlimited Potential Fitness is to help our clients utilize their unlimited potential to reach their health and fitness goals. Our clients are more than customers to us; they are our team mates, friends and family. Here is a sample of the feedback that Spartan Race has received regarding our program.


“Tony is a wonderful coach. He is patient, explains techniques thoroughly, and can easily adapt training to any skill level. He utilizes his incredibly broad background and skill set to teach the most efficient way to conquer each obstacle. When I joined Tony's classes I was a complete novice. I now have the confidence to tackle any OCR. And this confidence grows with each class I am able to attend!”​
Jennifer Bravo, Superior


"Tony is a great coach. He takes his time to give everyone individual attention to ensure they are not just sweating, but actually learning. He helps us understand not only how to perform a specific technique, but also why we should be using the technique, and where during an OCR it will help us out. I have read race reviews after running a course and seen tons of people complaining about how hard an obstacle was and realized that I had no issues with the obstacle because Coach Tony trained me well on how to complete it. I look forward to training with him whenever I can!"
Joshua Paker, Austin, TX


"Tony is a fantastic coach! I started going to his class to train for my first Spartan in February 2014. Tony worked at my level instilling the confidence that I needed to achieve my goal. Without Tony's classes and trainings I would have never been able to earn my double trifecta in 2014 and complete the 2014 Spartan Race World Championship in Vermont."
Jennifer Roberts, Parker


"Tony's class structure designed for optimal skill building and his faith in me helped me conquer my immobilizing fear of heights in a couple months, a fear that used to significantly hinder my race times and race experience! Coach Tony is also great at identifying individuals' strengths they may not even be aware of! His positive, strength based, and individualized approach even in a group setting has unleashed the inner athlete of many!​"
Betsy Holman, Longmont


“What I like about Tony's classes is that he is able to take his Spartan training, and his Parkour training and apply it to what the race conditions are and what the obstacles you will be facing. It doesn't matter if it's wall climbing, rope climbs, the rig, low crawls, weight distribution, he can help you with that and help you overcome fears and become a better racer and athlete."​

John Tim Becker, Roseville, CA


"Tony is a great coach who has helped me immensely with my OCR techniques! His classes are geared well for beginners as well as for the experienced. I would quickly recommend him and his classes to someone looking for OCR training!"​
Joshua Stevenson, Golden


“Coach Tony is wonderful! He explains everything very thoroughly. He is very good at explaining a technique and breaking it down step by step so that anyone can understand and be able to do it. Before I went to Tony's classes I would injure myself at races and now I am able to conquer obstacles safely and much faster than I was before. Best OCR coach ever!!"​
Lacey Conrad, Lakewood​


"Coach Tony’s classes are designed to accommodate all skill levels. I’m fairly new to OCR and opposed to clumsily & inefficiently powering through obstacles, I’ve learned skills that will help me approach obstacles confidently & successfully during the next OCR season! AROO!"​
Brian Bognar, Denver​

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