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Our curriculum is based on the principles of economy of motion, energy efficiency and proper technique over brute strength. This discipline uses natural movement to train your body to be healthy strong and adaptive. Our curriculum is appropriate for all ages and men and women alike. Coach Tony will help you build a "toolbox" of over 60 different skills, and provide real world examples of how to utilize these tools. This system is adaptable to any kind of obstacle course race and the health benefits you receive can easily be applied to activities of daily life. Our program will prepare your body for the rigors of OCR by conditioning it in all 10 dimensions of physical fitness: cardiovascular, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

           THE RIG


Our rig set up grows every season:  ropes, rings, balls, bars, and our new square bars. 

           ROPE CLIMB


Our climbing ropes were purchased from an actual obstacle course race and our facilities have 25' high ceilings.  

           SPEAR THROW


We practice using spears and targets made to Spartan Race specifications. 

           TRAVERSE WALL


Grip strength and technique to cross the Z-Wall or Tip of the Spear.



The basics: how to save yourself when you fall, how to crawl under barbed wire and how to get over low to medium height walls. 


Not every obstacle calls for the same tactics. We review the options for getting under obstacles of varying heights and demonstrate the speed vs. energy efficiency of each move. 

           POP VAULTS


The pop vault is the go to move to get you over a tall wall. This method is safe, energy efficient and fast! We will also cover how to safely get off the wall once you have gotten on top.



Just like the low barriers, not all walls are created equally. Knowing several techniques to get over the obstacles will make you more adaptive and successful at Obstacle Course Races.

           CAT LEAPS


Knowing the technique to cross a gap safely can be the difference between injury and victory.

           CLIMB UPS


The 8' to 10' foot walls may intimidate and exhaust your opponents, but energy efficiency and technique make these some of our favorite obstacles. 



Grip strength and fluid movement to traverse obstacles using your arms.

           ROPE SKILLS


Race organizers use ropes in many obstacles; we will review and train for all of them.

           BALANCE and AGILITY


Fast feet down a mountainside, changing directions, moving with intention.

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